What We Do and How We Do It
What We Do and How We Do It
Minder develops projects in Market Research, Planning and Branding areas.

In Market Research we carry out quantitative and qualitative studies aiming at different activity segments, whether b2b or b2c.

In addition to the deep exploring needed on the theme to be explored and the field work correction, we strive to deliver factual and useful results to our clients. Our work is based in data profoundly analyzed, clear conclusions, feasible and pertinent recommendations.

In planning, particularly those associated with communication, we believe that the best plan is the one that best balances the client´s needs, the consumer´s perspectives and the opening conducive to the upcoming creative stage.

Our branding projects – from the most simple to the most complex – we go beyond a mere application of a given methodology. We always exploit one and the client must know how the process will be conducted, but a methodology without sensitiveness, experience and insight is just a trivial exposition of obvious things.
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